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Mogsie's stag weekend - Isle of Man

Guys Mogsie's stag weekend....

Flights cost anything £30 return, fly from Bristol, Birmingham, London. Approx 40min flight

Boat..one bod with bike is about £100 return, foot passenger £50 return. Sailing from Heysham or Liverpool.

Accommodation... I'm looking at options at present and will confirm some prices soon. But range from camping to Hotels.

There's loads to see and do, and some nice roads to ride, especially the mountain road that has no speed limit 😁 and more bars than you can shake a stick at. Will be an awsome weekend, especially if you've not been here before.

So we hope some of you guys can make it to give a brother a good send off 🤣

RSVP in the events tab please so we can get an idea of numbers.

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